New updates and improvements to Webvizio

  1. November 2023 Updates and Improvements


    The latest enhancements made in November 2023:


    🔁Project files refresh

    Now, you can refresh/update files within any project without losing exciting tasks. This option is beneficial if you work on design updates or changes for the same design.

    To update a file, click the "Refresh" icon in the top right corner and upload a new file.

    November 2023 Updates -_ 1


    🖼️ Project thumbnail refresh

    For URL-based projects, now you can regenerate a new thumbnail based on the current version of the project's home page.

    To do so, go to the project settings, hover the project thumbnail, and click the "Refresh" button. The project thumbnail will be updated within 1 minute.

    November 2023 Updates -_ 2


    🚀 Enchached speed and productivity

    We improved the overall project loading performance and fixed some minor bugs.


  2. Jira and Webvizio Integration is Live Now!🔌

    New Feature


    Banners -_ Jira

    Integrate Webvizio with Jira in a few clicks. New Jira integration provides a seamless workflow for reporting issues or making changes without constantly switching between two platforms.

    Learn more on how to integrate your web projects with Jira here-> 


  3. October 2023 Updates and Improvements


    Our team is pleased to announce the latest enhancements for October 2023:

    🔗Project URL Customization: You can modify the project URL through the project settings page.

    Effortlessly transition your project from a staging environment into a live production without the need to create a separate Webvizio project.

    Webvizio Release Notes Project URL


    📝Project Thumbnail Customization: On the project settings page, you can now easily upload any image as a project thumbnail.


    📷Instant Screenshot Viewing: In the task list, clicking on the screenshot icon now opens the screenshot immediately, eliminating the need to open the task.


    🖵 Screen Resolution Display: After creating a task in responsive mode, we capture the actual screen resolution instead of 100%.


    🫳Drag-n-drop in the Task Mode: Now you can drag tasks to status columns in the Task mode.


    📲Task Filter by Device: A new feature has been added to filter tasks by device.


    🔍Task Sorting: We've fixed a bug with sorting tasks by name. Capitalizing in titles now does not affect the sorting result.


    💬 Support Chat Button: The support chat has been moved to the top of the screen for better accessibility.


    Webvizio Release Notes Chat


  4. We Updated Our Webvizio Chrome Extension


    We've upgraded our Chrome extension with a handy interface of its own. With this update, the extension is now much more sleek and simple to use, yet more stable and secure than ever before.

    Those are the main updates you will notice:

    • Now you can easily check if the extension is active or disabled for each project.
    • Now you can turn it on or off instantly with a click of a button, instead of messing around with the project settings.
    • The overall performance was improved and optimized to work smoother with password-protected pages. If you’ve experienced any issues with this before, they should be fixed with this update.

     Try The Updated Extension Now 


  5. 📢 Introducing Webvizio's Board Mode

    New Feature


    In Board Mode, we've revamped the way you can work with tasks:

    Enhanced Visibility:

    • View your project progress by displaying all tasks on one screen in Kanban Mode
    • Drag-and-drop tasks between columns to instantly update the status
    • Create standalone tasks without attaching to a pin on canvas.

    An Ultimate Task Tracking Tool:

    • Create a board as a separate project so that you can manage not only web-or image-based project
    • Use them as separate planners within one platform - no need for additional task-tracking tools!


    Boards are available for all plans!


     🚀 Try Boards Now


  6. Introducing Time Logs: Supercharge Your Task Management!

    New Feature

    We're rolling out Time Logs, a cool new feature to make your task tracking in Webvizio even better!


    So, what's the scoop on Time Logs?


    🚀 Easily Log Time: Now, you can effortlessly track the time you and your team spend on each task for every user. It's like your productivity sidekick!


    👀 Task-Embedded Logs: Check out your time logs right within your tasks. No more hunting around – it's all there.


    📊 Insightful Reports (Available for Pro plans): Yep, you guessed it – you can export all those time logs into smart reports. Crunch the numbers and know exactly how long each task and project takes for everyone involved.


    🆓 The logging capability itself is available even on our Free Forever plan but any of our Pro Plans will add detailed exportable time reports on top of that, which can be used for payroll, accounting or invoicing!


    Up for More? Make every second count! ⏱️

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  7. July 2023 Updates and Improvements

    New Feature

    Our team is pleased to announce the latest enhancements for July 2023.


    These updates are designed to enhance your user experience and provide more flexibility in managing roles and tasks across different plans:


    📕 Introducing a new task status called "Closed," allowing you to quickly archive tasks from the to-do list, but still keep them in the “Done” tab.



    👀 Now all users can see what roles have been assigned to them within the project.

    July Announcement (Roles) (1200x700) 3


    📝 Guests (unregistered users) on all paid plans can now create tasks. For Pro plan users, a simplified form is available (Task titles and descriptions), while Agency users enjoy the full range of features. Account owners have control over whether to allow guest contributions. And the best part is that guest contributors do not count toward your plan's seat quota!

    July Announcement (Roles) (1200x700)


    👑 When users join through a sharing link, you can now assign them a desired default role. Currently, the default role is "Assignee". If the account exceeds the seat limit, all invited users will be added as "Viewers" instead. You can modify this setting in the Account Settings or adjust user roles at any time.



    💨 For guests on any paid plan, there's now an option to bypass authorization pop-ups. Account owners can change this at any time in the Account settings.

    July Announcement (Roles) (1200x700)2


    🔌New integration with Pabbly Connect.

     Connect Webvizio with your favorite applications within minutes with Pabbly Connect!


    Go ahead, explore these changes, and we're sure you'll find them incredibly useful!


    Free plan customer? Upgrade Now to Get 35% Off Any Pro plan and Enjoy The Extended User Roles!


    🥳 Happy collaborating!



  8. Introducing the Zapier Integration for Webvizio!

    New Feature

    Meet Zapier Integration: Connect Webvizio with 5000+ Best Web Business Apps in The World!

    Zapier integration (Zaps)


    ⏰ Zapier is an amazing no-code automation tool that integrates different web apps and platforms into automated workflows and saves you time on manual tasks.

    👥 It ensures all collaborating parties stay updated, even if they prefer different task management platforms.

    🔁 Now with this two-way integration, you can seamlessly connect Webvizio with 5000+ top productivity apps worldwide. It's like putting your project management on autopilot!

    ❗All you have to do is connect two apps of your choice together, set a Trigger Event, specify a Target Action — and let the automation do the rest! ✅

    📝 For example, you can make it automatically create matching tasks in Trello for every new task in Webvizio or sync task status updates across ClickUp and Webvizio.

    🚀 With 5000+ apps to choose from, the sky is really the limit!


    This way, you can be sure that all your data is up to date without any extra effort!


    ☝️Note: You need accounts on both Webvizio and Zapier to set up and enjoy this integration. Being an Admin/Owner of both accounts ensures a seamless experience.

    This and other Integrations are available for all  Webvizio paid plans.


     Set Your Zapier Integration Now🔌 


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  9. 🎉 Introducing the Long-Awaited Webvizio’s Two-way Webhooks & API Capabilities!

    New Feature

    Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce that we’ve launched the long-expected Webvizio's two-way Webhook & API capabilities. Get ready to revolutionize your productivity and streamline your workflows like never before.

    📥 Incoming Webhooks: Receive real-time project or task updates in Webvizio for changes, task creations, and comments made in other platforms. Stay updated on assigned tasks and followed tasks.

    Webhooks (16_9) -_ 03


    📤 Outgoing Webhooks: Connect Webvizio with external tools and systems. Trigger actions in other applications based on Webvizio events, like creating tasks in your project management tool when a new task is created in Webvizio.

    Webhooks (16_9) -_ 02

    📧 REST Hooks*: Enhance Webhook integration with REST Hooks technology. Subscribe to webhooks through the Webvizio API to receive updates in your own applications.


    *Available in Studio Pro and higher plans, supports multiple webhooks for a single event.


    Integrate Webvizio into the rest of your software stack and take automation to new heights.💪


     Enable Webhooks in your Pro account! 

    Free plan user? Upgrade to Pro to Activate Webhooks!🔌


  10. May 2023 Updates and Improvements


    🧑‍💻Filtering Tasks by Author

    We have added a new filtering option that lets you filter tasks by author.  

    Filter Created by


    📱Updated Screen Resolutions

    We updated a list of the most popular screen resolutions, including 2K and the latest iPhone and Android phone models, such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Pixel 5, and iPad Air.

    New Mobile Resolutions


    🚩Stand-alone Task Indication

    All stand-alone tasks created outside project canvases are now indicated with a special marker.

    Stand-alone tasks


    🚀Speed Improvents When Using Third-Party Integrations

    We also enhanced the speed of task creation when users utilize third-party integrations such as Trello or ClickUp.


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