New updates and improvements to Webvizio

  1. Enhanced Site Display & More!


    We've made some significant improvements to how sites are displayed in Webvizio. Have you been facing any issues with site display? Just update your project or start a new one to experience the difference. Here's what's new:

    Improved AJAX Handling:

    We've fine-tuned our processing for sites using asynchronous data exchange via AJAX requests. This ensures proper display for websites that exchange data with a web server behind the scenes.

    HTML Class Tags:

    Say goodbye to frustration! We've resolved an issue that prevented task creation on elements with class tags that include forbidden characters like '@', '=', or '/.'

    Anchor Link Handling:

    No more unnecessary tabs! Clicking on anchor links in Browser Mode won't open a separate tab anymore, as it does for external links.

    Effortless Cache Clearing:

    Simply click the "Refresh Project" button at the top right corner of your project page to refresh a project. The button is now available for all users. In script or extension mode, it also ensures instant cache clearing. Finally, your customers can easily refresh projects and see the latest updates, even if their browser caches the old version.

    ⏳ 03-28-2024 Parser Update -_ Refresh project

    Tailored Improvements & Fixes:

    We've made numerous tweaks and bug fixes to ensure seamless display across various user sites, promising an even better experience for your projects.

    If you're still experiencing display issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're committed to including improvements for your site in future updates!

    REMEMBER: Most display issues can be swiftly resolved by installing our script or the Google Chrome Extension.

    ⏳ 03-28-2024 Parser Update -_ Chrome Extension


  2. Text Editor Gets Even Better! 🚀


    Our team has been hard at work enhancing your favorite visual feedback and digital collaboration tool. Here's how the Text Editor in the latest version of Webvizio improved:

    Bug Fixes:

    We have eradicated issues like incorrect link displays and irregular indentations after saving tasks/comments, ensuring a smoother experience.

    Mention Handling:

    When you @mention other users, special characters or unconventional email-based usernames no longer disrupt functionality, safeguarding seamless communication.


    ⏳ 03-18-2024  Text Editor Update


    Enhanced Comment Experience:

    Links within comments now open in a separate window, preserving workflow continuity.

    Notification Optimization:

    We have fine-tuned the notification feature. Whether you're creating a new task or tweaking an existing one, notifications will now reach all the mentioned users.


    Explore the enhanced Text Editor experience today!



    We've added support for websites utilizing SkipDNS services for the early stages of web development.



  3. The Simplified Task List View Has Arrived


    Introducing a Simplified Task List View Mode! It is an alternative view to improve usability and ensure critical information is accessible on all screen types, regardless of your device.

    To switch to simplified mode, click on the "View Mode" icon at the top of your task list panel. Simplified mode will display only the most critical information without taking up too much screen space. This way, you can focus on the essentials and minimize distractions.


    simplyfied task mode


    The functionality is accessible in both Task mode and Board mode, so now you'll spend less time sifting through information in any mode. Yay!

    Please note that you can always review the full content by clicking on a task card. You can also easily switch back at any time by clicking the "View Mode" icon again.

    Give it a shot now 👀



    We have another update that is crucial for websites powered by the ▲ Vercel Frontend Cloud 🤝

    Now, you'll be able to enjoy the correct display for websites and web applications hosted on ▲ Vercel!


  4. January 2024 Updates and Improvements


    We have made some enhancements to improve the customer experience and resolve certain issues.

    • Improved website display for new web builders such as Webwave and others.
    • User interface improvements to ensure proper display of user lists when adding them as assignees to tasks or mentioning them in the task description field.
    • Enhanced stability and correct displaying for websites using the Cloudflare technology.
    January 2024 Updates


  5. Introducing Project Archives 📥

    New Feature

    Exciting news! A much-awaited project archive option is live now!

    Account owners and users in the project management role now have the ability to archive their projects. This option is available for all paid plans.


    ⬇️You can archive your projects in a few simple steps:

    1. From the main dashboard - go to project settings and choose the Archive option.

    2. From the project's console - go to settings by clicking on the gear icon, then click on "Archive project."

    3. You can access all your archived projects from the "Archived" menu on the main dashboard.

    Project Archive


    ⤴️Change your mind? Restore your project in one click:

    Go to the "Archived" folder, choose the project, and click "Restore."



  6. December 2023 Updates and Improvements🎄

    New Feature


    📑Tabs Improvements

    Previewing multiple pages within one project has become even more convenient! Now, with multiple tabs open, the tab length will adjust to your screen, just like in regular browsers. If all tabs do not fit on the screen, we have added a convenient horizontal scroll to keep everything in sight on one page.



    📃All Tabs List

    We added a new way to search for all tabs that have ever been opened by every user within a project, even currently closed ones. Click on the list icon on the top right corner above your project canvas to see the list of all tabs, or search it by name. By clicking on a tab name, you can open/reopen any page within your project. Account owners and project managers can also delete any project tabs opened from this list.



    ⬅️Improved Task Mode Behavior

    You asked - we implement it! Now, you can add more tasks quicker without the need to return to the list and extend the canvas back to the full-screen mode. When creating a new task, the task list does not extend automatically, and if you extend the list, you can preview all tasks on the left side bar right away.



    🎄Happy Holidays!🎄


  7. November 2023 Updates and Improvements


    The latest enhancements made in November 2023:


    🔁Project files refresh

    Now, you can refresh/update files within any project without losing exciting tasks. This option is beneficial if you work on design updates or changes for the same design.

    To update a file, click the "Refresh" icon in the top right corner and upload a new file.

    November 2023 Updates -_ 1


    🖼️ Project thumbnail refresh

    For URL-based projects, now you can regenerate a new thumbnail based on the current version of the project's home page.

    To do so, go to the project settings, hover the project thumbnail, and click the "Refresh" button. The project thumbnail will be updated within 1 minute.

    November 2023 Updates -_ 2


    🚀 Enchached speed and productivity

    We improved the overall project loading performance and fixed some minor bugs.


  8. Jira and Webvizio Integration is Live Now!🔌

    New Feature


    Banners -_ Jira

    Integrate Webvizio with Jira in a few clicks. New Jira integration provides a seamless workflow for reporting issues or making changes without constantly switching between two platforms.

    Learn more on how to integrate your web projects with Jira here-> 


  9. October 2023 Updates and Improvements


    Our team is pleased to announce the latest enhancements for October 2023:

    🔗Project URL Customization: You can modify the project URL through the project settings page.

    Effortlessly transition your project from a staging environment into a live production without the need to create a separate Webvizio project.

    Webvizio Release Notes Project URL


    📝Project Thumbnail Customization: On the project settings page, you can now easily upload any image as a project thumbnail.


    📷Instant Screenshot Viewing: In the task list, clicking on the screenshot icon now opens the screenshot immediately, eliminating the need to open the task.


    🖵 Screen Resolution Display: After creating a task in responsive mode, we capture the actual screen resolution instead of 100%.


    🫳Drag-n-drop in the Task Mode: Now you can drag tasks to status columns in the Task mode.


    📲Task Filter by Device: A new feature has been added to filter tasks by device.


    🔍Task Sorting: We've fixed a bug with sorting tasks by name. Capitalizing in titles now does not affect the sorting result.


    💬 Support Chat Button: The support chat has been moved to the top of the screen for better accessibility.


    Webvizio Release Notes Chat


  10. We Updated Our Webvizio Chrome Extension


    We've upgraded our Chrome extension with a handy interface of its own. With this update, the extension is now much more sleek and simple to use, yet more stable and secure than ever before.

    Those are the main updates you will notice:

    • Now you can easily check if the extension is active or disabled for each project.
    • Now you can turn it on or off instantly with a click of a button, instead of messing around with the project settings.
    • The overall performance was improved and optimized to work smoother with password-protected pages. If you’ve experienced any issues with this before, they should be fixed with this update.

     Try The Updated Extension Now