New updates and improvements to Webvizio

  1. Improved Search, Advanced Filters, & More


    Exciting updates! We’ve redesigned the task cards, improved the task editing flow, and task search, and added advanced filters and sorting functionality! πŸš€

    Improved task search, advanced filters, and sorting. Search for any task within a project, and find what you need faster.

    Filters GIF

    πŸ” Searching: Type in a keyword or phrase from the title, task description, or the names of the assigned users to see all the tasks that match your query

    πŸ—‚οΈ Sorting: Sort tasks by Date, Number, Priority, or Alphabetical order

    🎯 Filtering: Quickly filter tasks based on their status, assignee, due date, or priority

    Advanced filters GIF

    2. Improved task editing. Whenever you edit or modify a task and return to the list of all tasks, it will start from the same task you edited the last, so you can just pick up from where you left off.

    3. Visual enhancements to the task cards. We’ve slightly redesigned task cards, including updated icons and styling, to improve the overall interface and usability.


  2. Viewers and guests can create tasksπŸ“Œ

    New Feature

    A new feature is available for Agency Pro and AppSumo Lifetime Unlimited (Tier 3) plans:

    πŸ‘€ Viewer role can now create tasks and comment

    πŸ‘½ Unregistered users can create tasks

    You will be able to manage this functionality in your account settings:

    Users & Permissions


  3. βš™οΈ New Profile Settings & Email Notification Management!


    Check out the new profile settings to set how your profile looks and customize your Webvizio email notifications by multiple categories:

    • Account administration
    • User invitations
    • Project management
    • Projects and tasks
    • Productivity

    Create your ideal custom combination to skip the redundant messages, yet never miss a beat on what matters!

    Available for all plan owners, including FREE! πŸŽ‰

    Go To My Profile Settings

    Webvizio Email Notification Settings


  4. Custom Folders + New Images Types are Live Now!

    New Feature

    πŸ“ A new Custom Folder feature for your Webvizio platform!

    The new Custom Folder feature allows you to:

    • Group multiple projects in one folder by topic, customer, or any other related theme for quick navigation from the dashboard
    • Create your own custom labels and color-coding
    • Share folders with contributors to provide access to multiple projects at once
    • Include same projects in multiple folders, so you can create custom combinations.


    πŸ“‡Two new file types support for image-based projects

    You can now upload images in .SVG & .EPS formats to create image-based projects to collaborate and annotate live on even more different images.

    Both new capabilities are available for all plan owners, including FREE!


  5. Custom Branding is Live Now

    New Feature

    The Webvizio platform is getting a new Custom Branding functionality!

    All paid plan account owners will be able to customize the look and feel of their Webvizio interface to better represent their brand.

    Custom Branding - Account Settings (1)

    🟣Add Your Company Logo and Favicon

    Add your company logo on the main dashboard and across the entire platform

    Add a favicon to be displayed in the browser tab

    🟣Customize Your Color Pallete

    Design your account by customizing the colors of buttons, headers, website frames, and more.

    🟣Spread Your Branded Message Across

    Add your custom message or signature to all automated emails sent from your account

    Customize the email footer with your company’s identity

    Custom branding - Emails footer (1)
  6. Webvizio October 2022 Updates

    New Feature

    You asked. We delivered! New exciting features are live on the Webvizio platform! πŸ”₯

    • Name Display
    • Task Links for Sharing
    • Two Date and Time Formats
    • Lookup by Assignee
    • Sorting Tasks by Assignee and Number
    • Project Preview Updates.

    More updates and new features are coming. Stay tuned!


  7. Video Feedback is Live πŸ“Ή

    New Feature

    We are introducing a new Video Feedback feature – a way to help you assign tasks, get your point across, and ensure your team sees exactly what you see.

    Webvizio has partnered withΒ πŸ‡berrycast to deliver screencast video recordings that you can attach to your tasks and comments to provide your team with clarity.

    video feedback



  8. Introducing New Webvizio Chrome Extension 🌐

    New Feature

    πŸ”‘ Work With Protected Pages & Web Apps

    The feature we've been all waiting for! Collaborate on your login-based web apps, login screens, and even inside website CMS platforms like WordPress.

    πŸ” Site Content Appears As Intended

    If your site or some page elements are not displayed correctly in the regular dashboard, they will now with the extension!

    🩹 Better Task Screenshots

    When you create a task, Webvizio automatically takes a screenshot. The Webvizio extension takes screenshots from your actual screen, instead of emulating a browser within Webvizio, so the result is more precise screenshots, faster.

    πŸš… Improved Performance of Tab Loading

    Webvizio no longer generates a copy of your website; with an enabled extension, it utilizes the design of your actual site. So, your tabs' load time only depends on your site's page loading time now, with no extra wait.


    Learn more->


  9. Webvizio Update 1.2.1

    New Feature

    πŸ”’ Sign Up And Log In With Your Google Account

    So you're tired of forgetting your password and having to reset it every time you want to log in? We have all been there! No more passwords. Just log in with your Google account, and you're good to go.