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Introducing New Webvizio Chrome Extension 🌐

New Feature

🔑 Work With Protected Pages & Web Apps

The feature we've been all waiting for! Collaborate on your login-based web apps, login screens, and even inside website CMS platforms like WordPress.


🔍 Site Content Appears As Intended

If your site or some page elements are not displayed correctly in the regular dashboard, they will now with the extension!


🩹 Better Task Screenshots

When you create a task, Webvizio automatically takes a screenshot. The Webvizio extension takes screenshots from your actual screen, instead of emulating a browser within Webvizio, so the result is more precise screenshots, faster.


🚅 Improved Performance of Tab Loading

Webvizio no longer generates a copy of your website; with an enabled extension, it utilizes the design of your actual site. So, your tabs' load time only depends on your site's page loading time now, with no extra wait.



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