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Introducing Time Logs: Supercharge Your Task Management!

New Feature

We're rolling out Time Logs, a cool new feature to make your task tracking in Webvizio even better!


So, what's the scoop on Time Logs?


🚀 Easily Log Time: Now, you can effortlessly track the time you and your team spend on each task for every user. It's like your productivity sidekick!


👀 Task-Embedded Logs: Check out your time logs right within your tasks. No more hunting around – it's all there.


📊 Insightful Reports (Available for Pro plans): Yep, you guessed it – you can export all those time logs into smart reports. Crunch the numbers and know exactly how long each task and project takes for everyone involved.


🆓 The logging capability itself is available even on our Free Forever plan but any of our Pro Plans will add detailed exportable time reports on top of that, which can be used for payroll, accounting or invoicing!


Up for More? Make every second count! ⏱️

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