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October 2023 Updates and Improvements


Our team is pleased to announce the latest enhancements for October 2023:

🔗Project URL Customization: You can modify the project URL through the project settings page.

Effortlessly transition your project from a staging environment into a live production without the need to create a separate Webvizio project.

Webvizio Release Notes Project URL


📝Project Thumbnail Customization: On the project settings page, you can now easily upload any image as a project thumbnail.


📷Instant Screenshot Viewing: In the task list, clicking on the screenshot icon now opens the screenshot immediately, eliminating the need to open the task.


🖵 Screen Resolution Display: After creating a task in responsive mode, we capture the actual screen resolution instead of 100%.


🫳Drag-n-drop in the Task Mode: Now you can drag tasks to status columns in the Task mode.


📲Task Filter by Device: A new feature has been added to filter tasks by device.


🔍Task Sorting: We've fixed a bug with sorting tasks by name. Capitalizing in titles now does not affect the sorting result.


💬 Support Chat Button: The support chat has been moved to the top of the screen for better accessibility.


Webvizio Release Notes Chat